6 POINT MEDIA has expertise across the production spectrum in all styles of animation as well as in design and motion graphics. Our signature is unique individual directing cancer statements talent combined with a high level of technical skill and lots of humor and entertainment value!

6 Point Media represents a roster of talented directors with unique personal styles and techniques, drawn both from the in-house team at parent company Six Point Harness and from the wider world of talented professionals. The studio’s resume includes recent campaign work from Six Point Harness creative director Greg Franklin for Met Life, several spots featuring the iconic Peanuts characters, and a range of other spots for clients such as KIA, McDonalds, KoolAid and Taco Bell.

Six Point Harness is known most recently for its great work on apa annotated bibliography maker the Cosmos series reboot from Fox, featuring astronomer/physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson and executive produced by Seth MacFarlane, and for its successful on-line animated features Dick Figures:The Movie and Tom Hanks’ Electric City.

With its long resume of work in series, features, commercials and the web, the 6 Point Media management team is well-equipped to address the changing landscape of advertising and brand promotion.